Raised on the film business in Atlanta and Detroit, I was immersed in motion picture production from an early age, fascinated by the process behind the illusion. Intent to pursue a career in film, I earned a BA in Art History from the University of Georgia and then following more than a decade of professional work, earned an MFA with a concentration in film and digital media, also from UGA. Following my graduate work, I continued to explore and experiment with emerging media technologies, teach, collaborate and produce new work which has screened in national and international festivals.


My work forms at the confluence of analog and digital media —a blending of lens, light, emulsion, sound, browser interactivity, and JavaScript — investigating permutations of beginning, middle, and end; the web browser as both canvas and screen; the imposition of power amongst subject, audience and artist; the film frame as a structure of confinement; and surveillance capitalism.

My process is an over-planned improvisation. Cameraless images are given duration and often mixed with live action footage, then layered with exaggerated application of effects, compression artifacts, exaggerating digital and analog materiality. Editing is an orchestration that surfaces a thematic and conceptual foundation, or sometimes not. As I edit I find a film's unity, wading through footage I shoot, make, find or assemble - jump cutting, remapping time, recomposing frames, interpolating, choreographing patterns of motion and gesture onto an interactive canvas.

I write code to relinquish most temporal form to the viewer, creating the possibility of unpredictability and randomization (non-linearity), triggering visual and aural events to further persuade viewers to energize the visuals while surfacing the topics, feeling, concerns and attitudes that were the genesis of the work.

August 29, 2023