I am interested in light + emulsion, autogenerated composition, compression artifacts, error, glitch, digital materiality and analog noise, generative images, cameraless films, interactivity and code; function onScroll(x,y){playFilm()}.

As browser functionality and processing efficiency improved, I created a platform that encourages viewers to scroll through my films within the browser window. This was a breakthrough for my work, converging film with website interactivity. My films moved from the passive screening room experience, towards web-based interactive installations and immersive new media.

My films emerge at the confluence of analog and digital technologies, a convergence of 16mm film, Javascript, and browser interactivity. Viewers scroll the motion forward or back, triggering events, sound and image.

Filming is an over-planned improvisation. Cameraless images are given duration, then layered with exaggerated application of effects, compression and/or live action footage. Coding is hacking and reverse engineering.

Editing is an orchestration that surfaces a thematic and conceptual framework, or sometimes not. As I edit I find a film's unity, wading through footage I shoot, find or assemble - jump cutting, remapping time, interpolating, composing patterns of motion and gesture onto an interactive canvas. I search for continuity, write code, then offer it to the viewer to animate the film's cadence and syncopations, to find its resonance and unity.

July 25, 2021