Studying art history as an undergraduate, I became fascinated by the stories embedded in figurative painting and sculpture. I would see stillness and imagine motion.

My work draws from many influences and emerges from the confluence of analog and digital technologies, marrying 16mm film with code (Javascript), inviting viewers to propel the images forward or back. Lately, I have been making online-based interactive motion picture and installations.

Once I sketch and outline an idea, I film intuitively, inventing as visual and technological possibilities emerge. Filming is an over-planned improvisation. Editing is an orchestration that finally surfaces a thematic and conceptual framework. I find a film's unity as I edit. As I wade through footage I shoot, find or assemble, I think about how to convey a concept or compose a narrative with gesture, with a glance, a slight shift of the subject's weight - a quick jump cut or the exaggeration of time. I search for continuity of motion and time, then offer it to the viewer to find their own cadence and rhythms.

When I work, I hope to arrive at that place where the films are more of an offering than a possession.